Dann & Co is a family run business, which was born from a place of our love and passion for the glass industry, as well as, our passion for serving people and the community. 

We strive to make each client's glass dream a reality, through diligently working with our clients from concept to completed project.  

With more than 5 years experience in the glass industry, we pride ourselves in our quality workmanship, working in accordance with the regulation of the Glass and Glazing Association of South Africa and providing our clients with competitive industry rates.

Let us help you to take your glass project from concept to reality.



We work closely with each client to make sure we understand their vision, then we make their vision a reality.

We are geared with some of the best quality tools on the market, which ensure that we execute each project with accuracy and precision. We offer a full turnkey service, handling your project from start to finish. This includes, but is not limited to, site measurements, concept design, the supply of all materials and the installation of the product.

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  Meet Our Team
Leon Dann - Owner & Site Manager

Leon has been in the glass industry for more than 5 years and comes with a bag of technical knowledge and practical skills. He has a true passion for glass and creating innovative solutions for clients.

Leon is qualified as a CPG 2 (Competent Glazing Person), which means he understands glass regulations and strive to comply with standards set forth by the regulatory bodies of South Africa.

HIs hands-on approach means he is physically present with most of the jobs, making sure everything goes accordingly to plan and that Dann & Co delivers the quality that our clients deserves.

Loné Dann - Office manager & Marketing

Loné keeps the fort together, by running and managing the office, as well as, all things marketing related. She has vast experience in different administrative and marketing roles throughout her career. 

She loves organizing, being creative, and figuring out the best ways to approach business and life. This is a useful skill in our ever-changing world and definitely one we value at Dann & Co. 

Her encouragement and can-do attitude is a part of what makes Dann & Co a great company to partner with. If there is a better more budget-friendly way she will be the first to know about it.